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skins for sims

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[10 Aug 2008|06:57pm]

Hiya. I need some skin rec for some alien skins? I want to start a sci-fi neighborhood. I've been through the sci-fi theme downloads over at modthesims.com I was just wandering if anyone know any other good skins. The default alien skin is boring.

Feel free to pimp your own!
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[08 Oct 2005|01:42pm]

Hi, I'm new and I was just wondering if anyone knew where I could find some LOST character skins, or some U2 skins? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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[05 Oct 2004|06:56pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

GAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!! How many damn website and search queries do I have to enter in to get a damn decent website that explains how to skin...do any of oyu know of such a site? Please tell...

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[13 Aug 2004|08:23am]

Does anyone know where I can find a sim head with a mohawk? male or female. And any other crazy gothy sim-ness. 'Cause that would just make me happy.
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[09 Aug 2004|12:11am]

[ mood | cranky ]

Here's a stupid question, but any of you guys know any good Japanese sims skin sites? Just asking, because I've been hunting around for a few characters I've never been able to find... For some reason, no matter how hard I try to get it right, I can't seem to be capable of giving sims long hair. *headdesk* Maybe some of you know how? And thanks to who put the links up front. Those are some good skin sites.

I also have to promote the_kool_losers before I forget, because it is another application place where it's required. [laughs]. But yes, if anyone knows how to make long hair, or knows a place where they give good explainations, I'd appreciate it. ^^;

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x [21 Jul 2004|03:27pm]

Hey! :) Tonight I am going to buy either Hot Date or Vacation. I was wondering what everyones favorite was and why? (example - great features, etc.)

Thanks for the help!
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[15 Jul 2004|11:54am]


If there are any skinners in here, I'd like it if they could try their hands at a head for me.  I'm okay at skinning if I have something to go from, but I'm no good with heads...  Here's a website with pics for reference...

Thanks everybody!!

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Dick Tracy, Detectives, Gangsters, Skins & Objects [23 Nov 2003|06:31pm]

[ mood | content ]

Does anyone know where I can find Dick Tracy, Gangster and stuff like that for skins and objects?

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Help [22 Nov 2003|02:23am]

[ mood | curious ]

Im making a restaruant downtown called the Ink And Paint club. Im wanting to do something kinda like Dick Tracy colors. Like the stuff found here

Anyone know where i can find stuff with these kinds of colors like this??

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Nightmare On Elm Street/Friday The 13th [30 Oct 2003|04:33pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Anyone have any objects, skins or lots for these two movies?

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Skins! [28 Sep 2002|02:52pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

*in desperate need of Sims Skins for Buffy The Vampire Slayer Characters!!!*

i have skins... lots of them.. but i always find something wrong with them (aka the heads always SUCK). I REALLY want the ones on SimFreaks, but i don't wanna buy membership just for those skins... (i'm trying to cut back on my skin collection, too many gets annoying after a while)....


(i appreciate any input.. i just wanna know if there are any out the i haven't found.... )

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